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Question :
  1. Find the definition of Business Letter! (Theory)
  2. Mention the types, parts, and styles of business letter!
  3. Give one example of business letter
Answer :

1. Definition Business Letter

A business letter is a letter written in formal language, usually used when writing from one business organization to another, or for correspondence between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. The overall style of letter will depend on the relationship between the parties concerned. There are many reasons to write a business letter. It could be to request direct information or action from another party, to order supplies from a supplier, to identify a mistake that was committed, to reply directly to a request, to apologize for a wrong or simply to convey goodwill. Even today, the business letter is still very useful because it produces a permanent record, is confidential, formal and delivers persuasive, well-considered messages. 

2. Types, parts, and styles of business letter

Types of Business Letter :
  1. Sales Letters
  2. Order Letters
  3. Complaint Letters
  4. Adjustment Letters
  5. Inquiry Letters
  6. Follow-up Letters
  7. Letters of Recomendation
  8. Acknowledgment Letters
  9. Cover Letters
  10. Letters of Resignation
Parts of Business Letter :
  1. Header (Return Address)
  2. Date
  3. Inside Address (Reciepent Address)
  4. Greeting
  5. Subject Line (Optional)
  6. Body Paragraph
  7. Complimentary Close
  8. Signature & Writer’s Identification
  9. Initials, Enclosures & Copies
Styles of Business Letter :
  1. Full Block
  2. Semi-block
  3. Simplified
  4. Hanging-indented

3.  Example Business Letter
3519 Front Street
Mount Celebres, CA 65286

October 5, 2004

Ms. Betty Johnson
Accounts Payable
The Cooking Store
765 Berliner Plaza
Industrial Point, CA 68534

Dear Ms. Johnson :

      It has come to my attention that your company, The Cooking Store has been late with paying their invoices for the past three months. 

      In order to encourage our customers to pay for their invoices before the due date, we have implemented a discount model where we'll give you 2% off your invoice if you pay us within 10 days of receiving the invoice. 

      I hope that everything is going well for you and your company. You are one of our biggest customers, and we appreciate your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (555) 555-5555.


Bob Powers

Accounts Receivable

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