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Indonesian language progress abroad » Fuad Compi Net berbagi informasi yang didukung oleh Masfim dot Com. Indonesian poorer has a high popularity in foreign countries, and foreign countries also have a high appreciation also to us the official language. Indonesian is not only the language of unity in the State Indonesia alone, but also applies to many countries.

The end of 2010, Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament openly suggested that Indonesian become one of the official languages ​​of ASEAN. A year earlier, the delegation of the Parliament have also expressed a similar proposal. Indonesia also has formally proposed amendments to the statutes of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) in order to enter the Indonesian working languages ​​AIPA, of course, in addition to English. Indonesian use is considered effective because at least it can be understood by four ASEAN member countries.

On the other hand, in December 2007 Local Government Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam blatantly declare Indonesian as their second official language after English Vietnam, and synchronized with the other official languages ​​such as Japanese, English, and French. Be Vietnam as ASEAN member Indonesian first set as the second official language in the country as a second language are prioritized.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry officials stated there are 45 countries in the world that teach Indonesian in schools abroad, such as Australia, USA, Canada and Vietnam. In Australia, Indonesian became the fourth popular language in which there were approximately 500 schools that teach Indonesian.

In addition, Indonesian also worldwide in cyberspace, evidence-language wikipedia Indonesia has been ranked 26 out of 250 wikipedia foreign language in the world and ranks third in Asia after the Japanese and Chinese, Indonesian besides the language to three of the most widely used in posting wordpress posts.

We need to admit, Indonesian today is increasingly in demand by the citizens of the world. In Australia, Indonesian is the fourth most popular language. There are about 500 schools at the primary level are taught Indonesian there (187 of which are in Western Australia), and typically Indonesian is a language that must be learned at the elementary level. Not to mention the number of universities that provide language or literature majors Indonesia, making Australia one of the countries most often develop Indonesian. So no wonder if in Australia will easily find the children - elementary school children that can greet the typical greeting Indonesian people as 'Good morning, how are you?'

Meanwhile on the African continent, Egypt is the country most important to develop Indonesian. In most countries first recognized the independence and sovereignty of Indonesia itubelum long been built Study Centre Indonesia. The study centers there are in the Suez Canal University, and is the first step to be able to go deeper in Indonesia that covers all aspects of ideology, political, social and cultural, economic and defense security.

Fly away to the continent of Europe, there is Italy which also has a deep interest to Indonesian. It can be seen from the number of football clubs of the country of origin which have launched their official website in Indonesian, called - touted as the hardest language to - 3 in Asia. So far there are three Italian clubs who have sites in Indonesian namely Juventus, Intermilan, and AC Milan.

The Asian continent we find the Japanese regarded as a country that is often steeped in Indonesian. The sunrise this country has long been established study centers in Indonesia. One of them established by Nihon-Indonesia Gakkai or the Association of Indonesian Assessor whole of Japan in 1969. The organization's members consist of academics who teach Japanese language and various aspects of Indonesia at various universities in Japan. Since 1992 this organization started to test the ability of Indonesian. Until now there were more than 12,500 participants who have followed the Indonesian language proficiency test in different levels or tiers.

In addition, Vietnam is also a country that respects Indonesian. In Vietnam, Indonesian position parallel to the English, French and Japanese as an official language prioritized. Even since the end of 2007, the regional government of Ho Chi Minh City Indonesian set as the second official language after language Vietnam, placing Vietnam as the second country after Indonesia to use Indonesian as an official language.

As an Indonesian citizen who has Indonesian, we must be proud of the national language because the language we have now already popular in other countries. I hope that in addition to Indonesian is the language of unity in the State of Indonesia, Indonesian could also be a middleman or bridge to make the achievement of unity among nations in the world.
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